Who we are

IPM invests for institutional investors worldwide. We analyze fundamental data to develop strategies that aim to deliver attractive long-term returns. Our research-led, collaborative culture reflects our Swedish origins. We stay curious, we test ideas rigorously and implement the best of them systematically.

More About Us

One simple but powerful observation drives everything we do. Financial markets are efficient, but they are not perfectly efficient.

We look beneath the surface. We want to see the world as it is, not just how it seems.


In the real world, prices often diverge from their fundamental values. We strive to achieve attractive long-term returns by capitalizing on these discrepancies. Investing responsibly makes good business sense. We pursue sustainable value by including ethical criteria in our performance assessments.

What We Believe

Investor Portal

IPM has developed an investor portal which gives us the opportunity to streamline the distribution of data, documents and research commentary, but more importantly for investors, access is available at any time with the added benefit of being able to visualize data in a more customizable fashion.


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